Saving Money Was Easy For This Family With The Flu.

I get it, asking you to change your routine for how you go to the doctor or get a prescription can be annoying. Whether you’re sick, not feeling well or the trip to the pharmacy is just one more errand on your growing to-do list, sometimes it can be worth the extra price just to keep doing things the same way you always have. My family usually gets our prescriptions from Costco or Wal-Mart because typically they are less expensive. There have been times though, that the convenience of the.

Aetna's Faux Pas and the "Millennial" Response

Admittedly I've never been a C-level executive at an insurance provider, nor have I been employed as a claim adjuster for an insurance company. But it seems to me that even those of us who have never had to approve or deny health insurance claims know that someone charged with that great a task should be highly qualified. A recent CNN article sees insurance provider Aetna under intense scrutiny for admitting that their own medical directors don't look at medical records when approving or.

Over-treatment - How much healthcare is wasted and what it's costing YOU.

It's safe to say that I use a regular amount of healthcare. I’ve never been dramatically ill, but have undergone a few minor surgeries here and there. Members of my family have had more major procedures, and may again in the future. As a common healthcare consumer, I definitely don’t feel like most articles or news stories are written with me or my family in mind. They are about as distant as a Dow Jones report, written for investors in suits, reading it from a far away office with lots of.

How education can beat the odds


As we often discuss in this article series, the notion of healthcare education and outreach is very important to us and to our clients. We firmly believe that it is key to making an impact in your claims cost, and in getting an overall positive experience out of your care. But can we really expect to see an impact? You can. By targeting individual programs that solve specific issues that a company may be facing, and promoting the heck out of it, you can seriously make an impact. You see,.

Health Insurance Cost Management - The Future


From putting in a high deductible health plan to educating your employees on how to reduce their own personal healthcare costs, there’s a lot that you can do bring your annual spend down.

The cost of a medical misdiagnosis

It's no secret that misdiagnosis in the medical industry is extremely common. So common, in fact, that if you're a member of a group health plan, someone on your plan has probably recently been wrongly diagnosed. About 12 million people are misdiagnosed each year. And this makes life much more expensive. Think about it - if you've gotten care for the wrong illness, your initial ailment would have gotten worse during that time, because it's gone untreated.

Why High Deductible Health Plans Don't Work


What is Healthcare Consumerism?

The term "healthcare consumerism" is still relatively new, because its a relatively new idea. For years and years we've viewed healthcare as being out of our control and only getting worse. We were partially right - it is getting worse. That's why most people have turned to "high deductible" plans (more on that here). Whether its through your employer's plan, something you've purchased independently or even a plan that you've gotten through Obamacare, chances are, it's deemed as "high.

Healthcare Cost Comparison - The Top Websites

As a society we’ve become pretty comfortable with the notion of comparing costs for things that we’re going to buy. When is the last time that you bought a car, or even a book without shopping around on google? Probably almost never.  Well healthcare should be no different. Comparing healthcare costs is a must. We have a number of articles (here and here) talking about why you should care about your healthcare cost and how to reduce it. But let’s use this article to narrow in on some cost.

Healthcare Cost Comparison Can Save You

I was checking out this article in Vox Magazine, its about a family who was charged $25,000 for an MRI from her local hospital in California, where comparable procedures cost just over a thousand dollars. The article goes on to address the cost for the same procedure in other countries where patients would pay about 75% less. It should be immediately obvious how important healthcare cost comparison is.

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